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The end of an era/ And I am desolate and sick of an old passion

Uhh, old habits die hard. Being the infinitely creative and original person I am, I've gone back to recycling screen names to use as LJ names. At least now it won't be so confusing to keep track of me, right? (excuses, excuses)


Go there. Comment/Add.

Admire stolen pretty layout, and the...emptiness of a virgin LJ.

Goodbye 0_masquerade. You won't be missed much. You documented a crap year.
Well, actually, it was a pretty good year, but I need my...I don't know. New start?

For senior year! Yes, that's it. A little early, but a summer-y headstart is always good.

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this journal comes up first on the list of nashua high south livejournals. (because it starts with 0, not for like most-read or most-used or what have you.) just thought i'd let you know. :)
I knew that.

It might have been on the list of reasons why I got sick of it.